"This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw. But flaw and individuality, to me, are what makes a human being interesting, they make our stories worth telling."

60 Days Klaine Hiatus Challenge Day 5: Favorite Klaine Fanfiction 

The Symphony Verse by shandyall


Blaine has spent most of his life feeling like the only thing people notice about him is that he stutters. He’s working hard to overcome his (mostly self created) roadblocks when he meets Kurt in an online class the summer after his freshman year of college.


After months of online flirtation, Kurt and Blaine have finally managed to get together in “real life.” But will Blaine’s lingering insecurities and Kurt’s plans to study abroad jeopardize their relationship before it even has a chance to begin?


Kurt and Blaine’s semester apart began with Kurt getting on a plane and ends with “Poophead missed you.” Now find out what happens in between. This is the story of the sadness, the shenanigans, the jubilation, the tears, the flash drive, the gambling, the croissants, the sit-ups, the emails, the drinking and the Matt-ness of it all.


The highs and lows of the boys, and their myriad of friends, during the two years they all grow up. Some grow apart, others grow together, and everyone grows to love D.Marshall.

Circle of Fifths

Five glimpses into Blaine Anderson’s life, plus the first glimpse ever.


Life doesn’t get much better than when you get to spend it with your favorite fella. Follow the boys as they navigate from young love to newlyweds to fatherhood and beyond.

  • fav character: [kills someone]
  • me: aw


4.01 - A Tale of Two Sisters Sneak Peek #2

(Also — thanks again to the wonderful Once Upon a Fan for this!)